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Goldcrest Farm Trust Advisors aims to provide institutional investors with superior risk-adjusted returns.

Goldcrest Farm Trust Advisors

Founded in 2015, Goldcrest Farm Trust Advisors, LLC (“GFTA”) is an investment management company that specializes in investing in row crop farmland across the United States. GFTA combines deep macro research, portfolio management, and capital markets experience with local boots-on-the ground farming, asset management and market knowledge. As such, the GFTA team is uniquely positioned to capture outsized risk-adjusted returns in the farmland investment space. GFTA is fully integrated and capable of managing the entirety of the investment process, from sourcing and acquiring land, implementing capex projects, leasing to farmer/operators, and selling individual farms, as appropriate.

GFTA built and manages the farmland portfolios of Goldcrest Farm Trust REIT, LLC (“GFTR”), a private farmland REIT with over $800mm in long-term capital. The REIT’s shareholders include some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated pension funds. To date, the REIT has invested across 6 states, numerous crop types (both organic and conventional), and is in the process of conducting an extensive 25,000-acre re-development project in SW Arkansas (“Goldcrest Farms”). GFTA seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by allocating capital in “value” states (as determined by proprietary research) and by performing accretive asset management at both the property and portfolio levels.

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“Goldcrest’s proprietary research and long term focus has enabled us to consistently outperform the market. We are deeply focused on delivering excellent investment performance, focusing on risk management, diversification, active management and executing on new and innovative opportunities.”

Edward Hargroves, Co-Founder & Partner

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