Who We Are

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Goldcrest Farm Trust - The Partner You Can Trust

Goldcrest Farm Trust is a privately held real estate investment trust (REIT) that acquires and manages high quality row crop farmland throughout the United States. Goldcrest Farm Trust has a seasoned management team and over $300mm in funds. Goldcrest Farm Trust is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and ethics, and shares the values of the farming community.

The Farmer Comes First

Goldcrest Farm Trust views the relationship with farmer tenants as the key to its long-term and sustainable success. We work with sellers and tenants to structure transactions that enable them to achieve their goals -- wealth creation, expansion of farmland operations and/or estate planning. Goldcrest Farm Trust is seeking to become the buyer and landlord of choice for farmers.

Why Work with Goldcrest Farm Trust?

  1. Large balance sheet: No farmland deal size is too large.
  2. No leverage: Goldcrest Farm Trust is an all-cash buyer; no financing contingency.
  3. Efficiency: Fast and responsive team that will close within 30 days of contract.
  4. Creative lease structuring: Flexible leaseback and rental structures that work for the seller/tenant; up to 10 year leaseback term.
  5. Estate Planning: Transactions structured to optimize estate planning wherever possible.
  6. Ethics: Transparency and commitment to fair dealing.
  7. Brand: Farmer Affinity Program (coming soon) to help increase tenant profitability.
  8. Tax Deferral and Portfolio Diversification: Contribution of farmland in exchange for operating partnership units.
  9. Broker Friendly: We work with the entire brokerage community.

Farms Considered

  1. Row crop farms with irrigation or access to irrigation.
  2. Established farms, “fixer uppers” and redevelopment deals.
  3. $1mm minimum, no maximum price.
  4. All farming states, excluding those eight states with corporate investment restrictions (Iowa, Kansas, North and South Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Wisconsin).
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